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About Us

Beyond the Bloom

Welcome everyone! I’m Brittany, just your average somewhat “crunchy”, hip-hop loving, caffeine driven mom. I come from a small town but now I live in “the city”. I have had a passion for the environment and shopping for as long as I remember. So what did that result in... thrifting. And once I found out I was having my daughter, it gave me a whole new area to explore. Am I ever glad I did because, my little one was born in the middle of a lockdown. If it wasn’t for all my thrifted finds, well... her wardrobe would certainly be much less adorable. I have opened this boutique to share some of my sustainable treasures with you!

What Makes us Bloom?

Yes I know what you’re going to think, how corny, but it’s true, your whole life changes when you have a little one. I already had a passion for shopping preloved before my daughter came along, as the textile industry is the second leading in pollutants. Now, leaving this world even just a slightly better place for my babe, is my mission. That’s not it though, one more thing I’m sure you heard a million times, babies are crazy expensive! Second Bloom Boutique doesn’t make compromise ethics for aesthetics as it gives you sustainable, hand picked, and stylish pieces for your minis to enjoy at an affordable price.